As with all “creativity” and “innovation” in this day and age of influencers – you just copy what someone has already done.

As we nestled into our new abode, we created plans for our house’s future: stealing a kitchen concept, copying a floor plan layout, altering a trademarked idea. There are ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES to copy: Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, paper magazines (what are those?), and, of course, Google. You can literally scroll until you die on Pinterest, tucking away “original” content.*

Why waste time dreaming up something original?!?! Walmart and Target are more successful than any specialty design/furniture store because they just COPY innovation.

Same goes with our remodel!

Away with this wall, this bathroom, this door, and then that wall too! In our Chip and Jo society, we prefer a large white box with no walls. And, if I must have a wall, it better be white G’DAMMIT. (Well, actually, while we were making plans, grey was the rage – so at the time we said “It better be grey!”)

As far as layout/floor plan goes, you’re only able to do so much with what you got. (Similar to my personal appearance.) Below are a couple of kitchens we liked.

********SOURCED FROM YER MOM*************

We created a lot of plans, with 98% being discarded along the way. Our goal was simple, try to manipulate our 1,200 square foot house into a 3,500 square foot home by removing every wall, post, and beam. We went into the remodel with nothing but the highest of expectations so our disappointment would only be greater. Below is the “before and after” blueprint of what we wanted the space to be.

Reflecting back and seeing the renderings below, it looks like we changed essentially nothing, yet, we spent 10 months of our lives on this remodel. This is another wonderful example of why you need to immediately abort your remodel mission. Slap your wrist, tell yourself you’re an idiot, and burn the house to the ground. It’s the only good solution to such an idea.




floor plans


*Hindsight!!! – ALL of these searches were in vain until the very end because they really only help with design/decoration. Not – “Five quick ways to rewire your entire home” or “Three easy steps to frame a door jam”.


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