Lezzz juzzz move in

We had closed on the house with a homemade quit claim deed filled out incorrectly, convinced ourselves we were mature adults, and called ourselves homeowners.

With a gleam in our eye, we readied the house for our inhabitance, boldly claiming it was move in ready. “Move in ready” was self-diagnosed. No first time homebuyer has the authority, knowledge, nor decency to make such a claim.*

We worked to make the house as livable as possible, knowing we were going to remodel it soon. Below are some photos of the house with a few knick-knacks we threw at the place to pretend we weren’t living in crumbling heap.


Here is a photo of us – cute, happy, delusional – with that first time homebuyer pride. Please rejoice in how thick Nathan’s hair was at this time. (Hard to believe he can lose so much in such a short time…hair, that is)


* Almost two years later, 50 g’s spent, and I still wouldn’t call our house “move in ready”



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