How we got where we are

My husband and I moved to Nebraska after….

  1. getting married in Nebraska in August 2015 (The photo for this post is from our wedding day because I looked really good that day)
  2. moving to Denver from Seattle in August 2015
  3. starting grad school in August 2015
  4. completing a coding boot camp March 2016
  5. graduating grad school August 2016
  6. my great grandmother dying in June 2016
  7. a long season of unemployment up until August 2016

My great grandmother was an incredible old bag of bones. She was very un-grandmotherly. Bold, sassy, bitter, spunky, determined, and tough as nails.

My brother and sister-in-law were in the throws of remodeling their house and I thought “me too!” I want my life to be one of no free time, no conversation other than remodel talk, no time to spend with your family/friends, and no time to pursue any other interest other than remodeling. So here we stand.

My husband and I moved to NE in August 2016. We bought my great grandmothers house, found jobs, and lived in the house for four months before we starting in on the remodel. Though, we had plenty of projects leading up to when we began in Jan. 2017.